Confidence in Fashion, A Girl’s Guide with Angelina

Confidence in Fashion, A Girl’s Guide with Angelina

Meet Angelina!


I cannot express how excited I am to get the opportunity to work with The Dressing Room!


Growing up with heavy influence from an older brother, I never really had an eye for fashion. In fact, I didn’t care at all. Up until the age of twelve, it wasn’t rare to find me be sporting my brother’s hand-me-down basketball shorts and one of his old t-shirts.


For the beginning of my life I never really had to worry about what I was wearing since private school uniforms controlled much of my wardrobe. It wasn’t until high school that I made the transition to public school which seemed like an overdramatic fashion show. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I was fifteen and realized I can’t just wear a vacation t-shirt, jeans that never fit quite right, and clunky neon sneakers.


I realized that I didn’t feel good about myself in those clothes, so I made a change. It wasn’t some crazy glow-up or anything like that, and it definitely got worse before it got better. There was a lot of experimenting with bright colors and cheetah print, but fast forward to college and things definitely settled down and became much more subtle.

I’m not the walking fashion show I got to see every day of high school, but you’ll never catch me wearing all those funky colors or basketball shorts ever again. I ditched the ‘wearing leggings as pants everyday’ phase, and also hopped off the oversized t-shirt and Nike shorts bandwagon. I have found my own style that makes me comfortable in my own skin and confident in what I wear.


These days (especially with such cold weather), I’m a turtleneck kind of gal with jeans that finally fit and are even comfortable too! I’m figuring my way through my last semester of college, changing all my plans at the last minute.


I started off college as a Video & Film Production (VFP) major and it took until my last year for me to realize I don’t enjoy it, and if I’m being honest with myself, I’m not that great at it either. I will finish college still as a VFP major but will be applying to grad school to get my Master’s in Psychology, which I am super excited about.


I was born and raised in New York (not the city, but not too far either) and came to Tennessee for school. Although all my family is still in NY I plan on staying in Tennessee and will continue to call my mom eight times a day, so it’s like I never even left.


After three years of being here, Tennessee is still a new adventure for me, and I cannot wait to see what else it will bring. It has brought me The Dressing Room, which is an even newer adventure and I am so thankful to be a part of it!


love always,



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