Lay-A-Whaaaaaaa?!!! (The New LAY-BUY payment option)

Lay-A-Whaaaaaaa?!!! (The New LAY-BUY payment option) 1

A couple of main reasons we started The Dressing Room was to bring our customers convenience and affordability. We strive to keep costs low while also increasing the quality and brands we carry. With that said, we now offer a wide variety of prices and brands to accommodate our customers' needs. There's literally something for everyone and every budget. However, we wanted to do more than that. 

I often think about how growing up, through nursing school, and even into my early mommy years, I would repeatedly buy new shoes on sale at chain stores to "save" money. I would wear these shoes for a month, maybe two, and then I'd have to buy more because they would wear out so quickly. It seemed so wasteful to me at the time, but I was on a water budget with champagne taste as my dad called it. This was until I finally splurged one day and bought a pair of real leather sandals from a reputable company (still a sale, of course, but an obvious higher quality). Now, to some folks, that may be no big deal, but to my water budget, I immediately had buyer's remorse... until I got the the shoes in the mail. It was one of those "ahhhhh" moments. The look, the feel - it was something my "every two months" shoes weren't providing. That "ahhhhh" moment is the moment I became a shoe snob. Haha! This poured over into my purses, jewelry, and jeans. I decided that these staple pieces were worth the splurge for something that  lasted rather than replacing every couple of months, but then I had to remember my budget. I remember thinking, if I could just break up the cost, those shoes could last me forever (which 8 years later I still wear the heck out of my "ahhhh" shoes, by the way) or that purse would see more than one season. So, this "budget" issue of mine is where I came up with the idea to offer LAY-A-WAY at the The Dressing Room!!

Now, this doesn't mean we are jacking prices up at all. This is just a little something extra to help make it convenient for people to shop with us. I understand that not everyone has the capability to come into the store and buy a whole new outfit even if they're dying to have it. So, we've made it easier. It can be one big item, or a lot of little items, your choice. Here is the break down of how it works:

1) Find your goodies. The minimum checkout total is to be $100 (this can include tax).

2) Checkout (this can be done in-store or on-line). At checkout, you will be given an option to checkout using LAY-Buy which is a PayPal affiliated program that allows you to make payments (can be via your personal PayPal account or credit/debit card).

3) You may choose a deposit amount anywhere from 30-50% down along with a payment plan. You have up to 3 months to pay for your items. You pay on your own terms and schedules.

4) Once you've paid for your item(s), you may pick up (or we will ship) your items. You will not get any items until the entire balance is paid in full.

4) Here are my rules behind this.... As with any purchase with TDR, you have 14 days from the date of purchase to change your mind and get a FULL refund. After that 14 days, should you decide to stop payment or cancel, you will not  be issued a credit for any monies paid. This is simply because we have such a high turn around of product within our store that by us holding the item for you, we have lost out on someone else purchasing the item. If you stop payment or cancel, the items will be immediately returned to the floor for purchase. This is an all or nothing rule as well. If you put 15 things in your lay-buy account and cancel, you're canceling all of the items. This means your 30% down does not go towards some of the items. You forfeit all deposits, payments, and product. Also, no additional coupons or discounts will be given after purchase. 

I hope this helps give another option for us to serve our customers better! This is also perfect for gift buying so keep that in mind as well. This is a new service we are offering so we would love feedback from you - even if it's a "yeah, I love this idea" or "no, I hate it." If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email us!



It's Party Time!!

It's Party Time!! 0

On May 15, we turned one! Come out and celebrate this milestone with us Saturday, May 20th from 10am - 8pm at 122 The Crossings, Crossville, TN 38555. We have a lot of festivities planned including giveaways, our discount spinner, a candy bar, photo booth, and even our favorite food truck The Sugar Cube! We are so excited to celebrate this day with you all.
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Introducing Our New Men's Collection!

Introducing Our New Men's Collection! 0

We are very excited to announce the addition of a men's collection to our store. We have taken a great amount of time, research, and careful thought in selecting which brands we bring to the store (Which is the same with our women and children's collection as well). In our pursuit of a men's collection, we were fortunate to find not one, but two brands that match our lifestyle and personalities perfectly. If you haven't met our family, we are a hardworking, rough around the edges, quirky bunch who love to cut up and have a good time. Therefore, we want clothes that show our personality as well as hold up through our wear and tear. We found just that! 

First, we found Rowdy Gentleman, which the name in itself is perfect. It's just the right mixture of "rowdy" meets "gentleman." This line has durable casual tees, swim wear, and hats with fun designs and graphics that are sure to catch some attention.  We've also added some fun beer (or coke, water, beverage of choice) sleeves into the mix! This is our personality line!! 

Next, we have The Normal Brand. We love this brand for a number of things. The look is spot on. It is your everyday casual wear that you can use for work or play. Next is the durability and quality. If you've met my husband you know he isn't the easiest on clothes. We have to have a brand that can hold up to his outdoorsy-ness but also not embarrass the family if we are out in public! (Ha! Don't tell him I threw him under the bus!) In addition, we LOVE comfort. Not only does this brand provide great looking, durable clothing, but it's super comfortable and soft! Wear it to work, to dinner, to the woods... wherever... you're good to go!

So, there you have it! We are bringing durability, affordability, and personality to Crossville (and online, of course)!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



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Spring Has Sprung!!

Spring Has Sprung!! 0

It's finally starting to feel like spring and we've had so much going on! We have finally gotten through the grand opening of our Crossville location and are so extremely blessed by the support this community has shown us! The last 2 months in this brick and mortar have flown by and we are so thankful for such a warm acceptance! 

Now that we are settled in, we are really buckling down to bring everyone some real treats! This spring we are all about pops of colors, floral patterns, accessories, and, of course, SHOES!! We have so many surprises lined up so keep checking in with us over the next couple of weeks... I can't wait to spill the beans!!

A big thank you to my handsome hubby for being such a cheerleader and trooper through all the hustle and bustle!!  Xoxo - Jennifer

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Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday!

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday! 0

It's the holiday season which means the holiday deals are ramping up! We have lots of deals in store for you, both online and in person! Our Black Friday starts on Thursday at 6pm lasting until Friday at 6pm! Get a jump start on your holiday shopping while you digest your turkey!! 

Then, on Saturday, we will be out and about in Oliver Springs, TN at The Johnson Girls and Friends Fall Vendor Even! Again, we will have lots of deals and even drawings with every purchase!

Lastly, we are also starting up our Cyber Monday deals early! They'll start on Sunday at 4pm and last until Monday at 6pm!

Keep in mind that we will have flash sales going on periodically so be sure to find us on Instagram or Facebook! 


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! And happy shopping!

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It's Fall!!!

It's Fall!!! 0

In case you haven't been following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr, let me start off by saying, I LOVE FALL! I love everything about fall, but mainly the clothes. With that said, I've been working hard to find the latest styles and trends, yet keep the classics coming in, too. 

Floral patterns, tassels, and fringe are popular this season, which is great because I love them all and stocked some great items! We've got boots galore to choose from as well as accessories and jackets to keep you warm in the changing weather. We would love to hear from you! Let us know if there are things you want, need, or have to have!

Until Next Time! 😘

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